Textured Fibrous Concentrate Protein

Is Textured Soy with a Gluten Network the ultimate meat substitute?

Is Textured Soy with a Gluten Network the ultimate meat substitute?

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For when structure really counts!

Meat substitutes are not only available for vegetarians, the market for meat substitutes is much bigger. Eating less meat has become a habit for many enthusiasts. Consumers are looking for a socially responsible product that has a lot of flavour and, above all, a recognisable structure. And that structure… well, that structure is now possible with the addition of Textured Fibrous Concentrate Protein!

So what is Textured Fibrous Concentrate Protein?meat substitute Textured Fibrous Concentrate Protein

Textured Fibrous Concentrate Protein (TFCP) is a mix of, among other things, textured soy protein and gluten that has been specially developed for vegetarian meat substitutes. It gives vegetarian meat substitutes a more meat-like structure. The meat substitute gets more and more the look and feel of meat. Manufacturers produce a better and tastier meat-like meat alternative.

What does it do?

Textured Fibrous Concentrate Protein (TFCP) is a strong improvement for existing vegetarian meat substitutes. The soy retains moisture and thus gives a juicy end result. In short, it provides a strong meat-like fibrous structure. Just as easy to process as, for example, traditional TSP.

A taste sensation

TFCP therefore provides an end product with structure. Fibres are evenly distributed. TFCP is flexible and can be used in a wide range of applications. The meat substitute becomes a taste sensation indistinguishable from meat. This gives rise to use in exciting applications such as Doner Kebab.

An excellent solution

TFCP is an excellent solution for improving vegetarian meat substitute. It gives an added value, also in production. This new product improves quality and increases convenience as an essential part of the recipe. The water binding capacity of TFCP provides an economic advantage.

At European Ingredients Supply & Services (EISS B.V.) we focus on soy and its derivatives. Ranging from high protein soy isolates to full fat soy flours and everything in between. EISS B.V. is your reliable and trustful partner, delivering professional support and understanding where added-value must really ADD VALUE to your products and processes.

How to use Textured Fibrous Concentrate Protein

In the following steps, we explain how to use the product in production.


1. Hydration
Using a Soaking pool
According to the requirements, generally soak for 30-50min with ambient water temperature (25 °C);

2. Dehydration
Using a Centrifugal dehydrator
According to different water content requirements, generally 800~1200 r/min, 5~10 min;
b. In addition to using a centrifugation dehydrator, this process can be done with other ways, for example, to use extrusion equipment.

3. Preparationmeat substitute production method
Using a Cutter or mixer

The blade is reversely mounted, and the wire is rotated by the back of the knife to prevent the blade from directly cutting the fiber protein;
b. The preparation process in bowl cutter needs 700~1500 r/min, 3-5min;
c. In addition to the use of the bowl cutter machine for preparation, you can also use a mixer and other equipment.

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