Sunflower Lecithin

As a consequence that more and more people are prone to have allergies, the food industry is requested by law to label all allergenic ingredients on their food products. To have a clean label for their finished products, food marketers are looking for non-allergenic alternatives. This also applies to soy, the main source of lecithin in foods which is considered to be allergen. Sunflower lecithin and Rapeseed lecithin are perfect alternatives to replace lecithin made from soybeans.

In addition to the existing fluid range for Sunflower and Rapeseed lecithin, we now offer you two new deoiled powder products. Both deoiled Lecithin Powders are premium qualities and have the same advantages as soy powder. But they are hypoallergenic and not on the list of allergenic constituents in the Alba database.

These high quality deoiled powder products can be used in various dispersed food systems: as emulsifier, wetting agent, stabilizer, instantising agent, release agent or dispersant.

We are pleased to send you the technical data sheet and MSDS with more detailed information on these new products.

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