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Soy Chunks for vegetarian meat alternatives!

Are soy chunks, the best product for developing meat alternatives? (…yes)

There is a strong active demand for healthy vegetarian meat alternatives.  Soy products such as Textured Soy Chunks (or Soya Chunks) are mostly valued for their high-quality sustainable protein quality.

Our Textured Soy Proteins contain 50% or 70% protein and are available in different sizes and shapes. Varying from granules to flakes to chunks. Proteins provide better texture, flavour and absorb moisture. It is exactly that, what makes these products the perfect fit in vegan and vegetarian dishes!

So… Why use soy chunks as a meat alternative?

Textured Soy Protein chunks absorb moisture while improving the texture and flavour of food. They are suitable for vegan and vegetarian dishes. Containing 50% protein, soy chunks resemble the texture of cooked ground beef once re-hydrated. Soy protein concentrate can be used in meat products increasing fat and water retention, as well as enhancing nutritional values.

Soy products are one of the most complete and versatile vegan proteins. Besides vegetarian and vegan products, they can be used in a wide range of food applications, including, breakfast, baked foods, animal feed and cereals.

Soy proteins for vegetarian meat alternatives

Soya Proteins are an indispensable link in today’s need for healthy, easy and great tasting products. Especially for the environment-minded consumer. Compared to milk, meat and egg proteins, soya proteins require less natural resources. Therefor making soya proteins the most desired product of choice for manufacturers and consumers. Soya Proteins offer cost savings and provide functional properties. Highly nutritious and easy to incorporate. European Ingredients Supply & Services B.V. offer a full range of high quality conventional soya products for use in different applications.

Soy Chunks

Soy Chunks – also known as vegetarian soy meat.

At EISS B.V. customers are being serviced with high quality soy proteins, such as defatted and textured soy flours, full-fat soy flours, isolates and organic emulsifiers. See our complete soya assortment in the index table.


  Type Characteristics
ISP Isolated Soya Protein Powder Emulsifi cation, injection. High dispersibility, stability. Min. 90% protein content.
FSPC Functional Soya Protein Concentrate High dispersibility. Min. 70% protein content.
TSPC Textured Soya Protein Concentrate Different shape and size. Water retention capacity. Meat-like and fibrous structure. Min. 70% protein content.
DSF Defatted Soya Flour Moderately and fully toasted. Min. 50% protein content.
Lecithin Fluid, Powdered, Granulated E322, Rapeseed, Sunflower, Soybean, Food, Feed and Organic grade.
SMP Soya Milk Powder Solubility, rich in vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins.
HVP Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein Powder Provide rich mouthfulness. Enhance meaty fl avour and taste impact.
SPC Traditional Soya Protein Concentrate For use in emulsifi ed meat systems where some water
binding, structure and emulsifi cation support is needed.
TSP Textured Soya Protein Diff erent shapes and sizes. Min. 50% protein content.
FFSF Full-Fat Soy Flour and Grits Moderately and fully toasted. Min. 38% protein content.
Min. 18% fat content. No use of solvents.
LFSF Low-Fat Soya Flour Moderately and fully toasted. Min. 45% protein content.
Min. 9% fat content. No use of solvents.
Oil Soya, Rapeseed, Sunfl ower  
  Caramelised Sugars Browning, increased (after)taste profiles.


EISS’s textured soy protein is available in different shapes and sizes, varying from soy chunks to slices and granules. They are manufactured from soybeans in a certified production facility, meeting the standards as laid out by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Based on a robust certified Non-GMO programme, you can be assured of a complete traceability. 

EISS B.V. is an organisation that understands your needs and will gladly offer ingredients that work for you.

Why customers choose EISS B.V. for their soy protein chunks

+ GFSI certifi ed manufacturing facilities
+ Kosher, Halal certifi cation
+ Complementary products available
+ 100% Non-GM
+ Complete soya assortment
+ Documents prior to delivery
+ Direct contact
+ Technical support

You need traceability, transparancy and legal compliance. With many years of experience, European Ingredients Supply & Services is able to provide technical support. We invite you to get in touch with us!


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