Highly valued LECITHIN for protein


Lecithins are highly valued by-products of protein and oil extraction. Complex mixtures of polar (glycolipids and phospholopids) and neutral (tryglicerides, sterols, fatty acids) lipids. Used in many food and feed applications but also greatly appreciated in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Thanks to its lipophilic and hydrophilic proporties, lecithin is indispensable in many industries. Lecithin is mainly used as an emulsifier and dispersing agent but acts as stabilizer, wetting agent and anti-oxidant as well.

Type Appearance Identity Active Component % Remark
Soybean Lecithin Fluid Drukwerk 62 -
Fluid Drukwerk 62 Filtered, transparent, neutral odour
Fluid Organic 60 Filtered, transparent, neutral odour
Powder Drukwerk 95
Powder Drukwerk 97

Powder Organic 96

Granular Drukwerk 97

Granular - Fine granular

Fluid Drukwerk 56 Enzymatically modified
Fluid GMO 60
Fluid GMO 62 Industrial, Bleached
Powder GMO 95
Compound Drukwerk 50 Whey
Compound Drukwerk 40 Glucose
Compound Drukwerk 40 Wheat
Compound Drukwerk 20 Soy
Fluid Drukwerk 30 PC30
Waxy Drukwerk 50 PC50
Fluid Drukwerk 20 PS20
Powder Drukwerk 20 PS20
Powder Drukwerk 50 PS50
Powder Drukwerk 70 PS70
Sunflower Lecithin Fluid Drukwerk 60
Powder Organic 95
Fluid Organic 60
Fluid Drukwerk 56 Enzymatically modified
Powder Drukwerk 95
Compound Drukwerk 50 Glucose
Rapeseed Lecithin Fluid Organic 60
Fluid Drukwerk 60
Powder Drukwerk 95

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