Sweet whey powder

Sweet whey powder

Sweet whey powder is whey from which water has been extracted. Whey is released during production of casein or cheese from milk. It contains nutrients such as milk sugars (lactose), proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Textured Fibrous Concentrate Protein

Is Textured Soy with a Gluten Network the ultimate meat substitute?

Meat substitutes are not only available for vegetarians, the market for meat substitutes is much bigger. Eating less meat has become a habit for many enthusiasts. Consumers are looking for a socially responsible product that has a lot of flavour and, above all, a recognisable structure. And that structure… well, that structure is now possible with the addition of Textured Fibrous Concentrate Protein!

soy chunks burger

Soy Chunks for vegetarian meat alternatives!

Are soy chunks, the best product for developing meat alternatives? (…yes) There is a strong active demand for healthy vegetarian meat alternatives.  Soy products such as Textured Soy Chunks (or Soya Chunks) are mostly valued for their high-quality sustainable protein quality. Our Textured Soy Proteins contain 50% or 70% protein and are available in different sizes and shapes. Varying from …

Lecithin in Bread

The miracle ingredient. Probably the best way to describe this very versatile emulsifier!  Bringing softness to the breakfast table, lecithin not only keeps your daily bread softer but also fresher for a longer period of time. By adding lecithin to wheat flour (1-3%), multiple effects take place. First, during dough processing, lecithin enhances kneading and moulding. Lecithin is responsible for …

Sunflower Lecithin

As a consequence that more and more people are prone to have allergies, the food industry is requested by law to label all allergenic ingredients on their food products. To have a clean label for their finished products, food marketers are looking for non-allergenic alternatives. This also applies to soy, the main source of lecithin in foods which is considered …


Sunflower lecithin has become a great alternative to soy lecithin and customers have steadily increased the level of consumption. Encorporating a deoiled powder lecithin in your recipe, creates a clean label; non-GMO and non-allergenic. Deoiled sunflower lecithin powder contains a high concentration of phospholipids, so that even the use of small amounts can achieve very good results in various food …