Plant-based Protein


EISS B.V. service customers (read partners) by offering high quality products to suit your needs. Full-fat soy, grits, fibres, lupin derivatives, emulsifiers and specialised products like milk lecithin for our partners producing confectionary, infant nutrition, bakery products, ice-cream, cereals, bars, meat, convenience food and animal nutrition.

We have a solid relationship with our suppliers from Europe, China, US and South America. These manufacturers produce high quality ingredients and respect customer needs. Our partners needs and wishes are our guidelines. We want to be your partner of choice.


Persistent and Committed. We believe in our products and their added value. We will do what it takes to meet your requirements.

Mission: We have set sail to establish long-term relationships and always make sure to deliver as agreed to assure you have made the right choice as EISS B.V. being your partner. Supply without hassle.

Vision: EISS B.V. will become the Specialist Supplier of High Quality Ingredients. A Fair and Clean business approach respecting your specific demands whilst ensuring smooth delivery of goods and services.

Values: COMMITMENT, Transparent, Honest, Respect, Follow-up, Information, Silver Rule.


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